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What a year.

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Hey everyone. It's been awhile. I have been in and out of the hospital this last year. Nothing real severe just old age I guess. Besides not seeing my friends. I've missed my family as well. But now I am vaccinated and ready to go. I had a swallowing problem and was unable to eat for about three months. The epiglottis would not shut properly to keep liquid from going into my lungs. My Mother in Law died in July, My brother died a year ago February. But I can still count my blessings and there are many. Mainly my family has allowed me to be me basically. I now have hair to below my shoulders. My face is more femme than at first. I have quite a few new transgender/transexual friends. Which is amazing because for years I thought there were very few people out there like me.
I hope you all are in good spirits despite the pandemic. With an actual President I see quite a bit of progress to be made. To the new folks, I say welcome. You've come to the right place. Now send Susan your love so she can keep this wonderful site operating. Without this site I would never have been as blessed as I have been. Friends here before me. Thank you for making me a better person.

Maid Marion:
Hi DawnOday,

Thanks for the update.
I've made an appointment for the first of two Covid shots tomorrow at a nearby pharmacy.

I've also grown out my hair.  It is wavy so it as about the same length as yours.


Glad you are getting the covid vaccines. I don't know why so many people are scared for it as the SARS vaccine it is created out of has been around for almost twenty years.
It's nice to have the hair. I thought my grey hair would be a problem but dang sister. It looks good. Dr. Ben was commenting on it yesterday. It's so neat when people notice you. I'm usually the tallest person in the room so people tended to cringe when they see me. But lately I've gotten a lot of compliments even from cis women. I've never been happier than these last five years.

Dawn, hello, good to hear from you. Your photo looks great. Your face is very feminine.

I got my second Covid vaccination a week ago. I look forward to visiting family soon. I think I'll get my ears pierced too.

I hope things continue on track for you, with lots of friends.

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Maid Marion:
That cringe had nothing to do with your height.
That was people sensing your unhappiness.

Now that you are happy that is the first thing that people notice when the see you!

In my line of work I use my femininity to advantage by realizing that men are only to happy to explain things to women. I can get past the buzz words and figure out exactly what the situation is if I'm patient and steer the conversation as needed.

If I follow the usual procedure of asking questions it often doesn't end well.  Stuff is too complicated and things go badly when folks don't know the answers.  I think you also have the ability to remember details and organize what you heard as the conversation progresses.



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