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What a year.

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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Dawn:
I really miss seeing your frequent postings on the Forums. 
I hope and trust that you are doing OK and staying healthy and safe.
I will be eagerly looking forward to seeing reading your future postings.
Now, for the other reason I posted on your thread.
I am wishing YOU
....a very :icon_flower: :icon_flower: Happy Birthday :icon_flower: :icon_flower:
I hope that your special day includes time with family and friends...
... with  Candles and CAKE.

***NOTE: On your October 26th  birthday be certain to check your profile for a special birthday surprise! :)

HUGS, Warm regards and best wishes on your special day and birthday.

NWG   It has been an exciting year, a tragic year, a hopeful year. One of the best of my life. I'm sorry for disappearing but there are many things going on. I have made the most wonderful friends. One is especially wonderful to me. We just spent a week in Vegas with the Viva Wildside girls. I have had some good news and bad. My brother died this last year. My support groups are meeting live again. Tonight we have our Christmas party.  Finding out I am on the autism spectrum has helped me establish friendships. Something I was always unable to do. Today I have a group of people I share something in common with. Ties that bind. I am truly blessed by these wonderful people. Like I said this has been one of the best of my life. Jo is beginning to understand this was not a choice, but a I had too to keep my sanity moves. I have had several health issues that I thought might be the end but survived. I am not the brightest bulb on the tree. But as long as I am alive, if I can convince others that their lives are important and they have to acknowledge who they actually are then I have paid it back. Just like my first transgender friend Chriss-Deee who advised me when I came out.

Maid Marion:
Hi Dawn Oday,

Thanks for the update! 

I also thought I might be on the autism spectrum but I'm finding that I do a great job of socializing with a female presentation.  More likely I fell into the dreaded "uncanny valley" between male and female and that was my big socialization issue.  I've had clues like folks "tagging" me as female from my speech and mannerisms at parties and using female references before I switched to a female presentation.



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