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Haley Conner:
Does anyone play non-video games anymore?  I like chess, and Risk.

I love those!
I play all manners of board games. If it lasts more than an hour or 2, I'm in!

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Northern Star Girl:
I belonged to the Chess Club in high school and in College... and I still play.
I like to play Scrabble...   keeps my spelling and vocabulary sharp.
I play card games regularly ... Pinochle, Hearts and Spades... and Rook

We just got the Royal Game of Ur, played for over 5,000 years. We haven't given it a go yet. Look on YouTube for Tom Scott vs Irving Finkel, it's quite an entertaining tutorial and history lesson.

Northern Star Girl:
When with a group I like to play "team" Trivial Pursuit
I just make certain that my team-mates are strong in my weak areas and vice-versa

My mind is filled with a plethora of useless and trivial facts.


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