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My brother has just started crossdressing


My brother has just phoned and said he has started crossdressing
As a pre op transgender woman i am going to support my brother

Any advice will be greatly recieved

Wow siblings in the community, how cool. I'm sure it will be interesting to find out if this is a first step on an MTF transition path for your brother. They probably won't have any idea for awhile.

I expect you'll get a lot of questions. As you said, you'll be supportive. It can be hard to leave our own ego out of something like this. There can be a subconscious temptation to encourage them to do as you have. Just try to let them find their own path, with your help but not your direction.

Enjoy this new relationship with your brother.

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Hi Chelsea Louise,
Its great that your brother has you to confide in. As a pre-op transgender woman I'm sure you will have lots of advice and guidance for him. Give him all the support you can so he doesn't feel the stress/shame that many of us who cross dress alone have felt.
I wish every happiness on his cross dressing journey.



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