Author Topic: What to do if i wish to be a women but yet i want to keep my male genitalia  (Read 350 times)

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Just as in the question, what to do if i run into a situation in which i want and need to have a female body but i wish to keep male genitalia, and functioning male genitalia to be exact?
im sorry if i posted it somehow wrong, it's my first time, thank you.

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Good evening ErinaGaming,

I noticed that this is your very first post here at Susan's Place.

I would like to take a few minutes and Officially Welcome you to Susan's Place.

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And now back to your questions.

There are many members here who wish to do the exact same thing as yourself. Many of these members describe themselves as Non-OP or sometimes Gender Fluid. The term you use pretty much depends on how you see yourself and how you want to live your life.

We also have many members here who are Cross Dressers. Many are incredibly feminine in appearance, but chose to keep their male genitalia as it is.

What you chose to do is totally your decision.

Take care and we will be seeing you in the forums.  :-*


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Hi Erina,

You need to carefully consider the side effects of any drugs you take.
Some, notably estrogen, is known for causing issues with sexual function.

Breast augmentation via surgery may be a better option than taking hormones in your situation.
Alternatives include wearing breast forms or padded bras.


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Hi! Welcome to the forum!

You know, it's not weird for you to want to have a woman's body but to keep the genitals you were born with.
That is a very personal decision to make, and you are not any less of a woman for not wanting gender confirmation surgery. There are trans women who want the surgery, and there are trans women who don't want it, and either option is entirely personal and should be respected.

As Marion mentioned, you have to decide if the side-effects of hormonal replacement therapy align with what you seek. Research about, or talk to your doctor about the side effects that an HRT will have on your libido and genitals in general, and then make a well-informed decision.

If HRT is not for you, there are other ways to feminize your body, such as facial feminization surgery, o breasts implants, etc.

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Yes, do your research before to take any hormones and have any surgeries. There are some things you can't easily change so know what to expect before you start.

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