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Should I tell the interviewer?


Hi I'm coming up on three months of HRT but I'm currently stealth. I have a interview at a book store tomorrow and I really need it. My main question is should I tell them I'm trans and I'm on hormones? I'm just a little scared, I don't want me being trans effecting my chances of employment. If I do get the job I just feel my employers deserve to have a heads up for when I do come out fully.

Thanks in advance


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I would look up state and local laws about LGBT rights and also that company's policies, if you can find them. The thing is, it's unlawful to ask a woman if she's pregnant or someone's marital status, so really, it's none of their business at this point. I understand that you might want to be upfront and open, accepted or find out it's not the right place before it matters, but really, if it doesn't matter from a performance perspective, they don't need to know.

Northern Star Girl:
I agree with the comment by  @Gertrude

Since you have not yet (I am assuming this) formally and fully come-out and are not full-time, it is none of their business regarding your medical transition status and what medications that you are taking.

The bigger and more important question is, will you present yourself as a male or as a female when you will have the job interview?

Wishing you well, and rooting for your successful job interview.


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