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Should I tell the interviewer?


Hi I'm coming up on three months of HRT but I'm currently stealth. I have a interview at a book store tomorrow and I really need it. My main question is should I tell them I'm trans and I'm on hormones? I'm just a little scared, I don't want me being trans effecting my chances of employment. If I do get the job I just feel my employers deserve to have a heads up for when I do come out fully.

Thanks in advance


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I would look up state and local laws about LGBT rights and also that company's policies, if you can find them. The thing is, it's unlawful to ask a woman if she's pregnant or someone's marital status, so really, it's none of their business at this point. I understand that you might want to be upfront and open, accepted or find out it's not the right place before it matters, but really, if it doesn't matter from a performance perspective, they don't need to know.

Northern Star Girl:
I agree with the comment by  @Gertrude

Since you have not yet (I am assuming this) formally and fully come-out and are not full-time, it is none of their business regarding your medical transition status and what medications that you are taking.

The bigger and more important question is, will you present yourself as a male or as a female when you will have the job interview?

Wishing you well, and rooting for your successful job interview.

If I were you I would not give them that information.

Lots of companies claim they support or even prioritize trans applicants but don't. In some jobs I have had to disclose this information due to the nature of my HRT being a controlled substance, and I've only managed to get one of these out of several I was more than qualified for. As always you are still vetted at the discretion of whoever is doing the interview and their personal biases will matter (however tolerant the company claims to be), so don't tell them anything they do not absolutely need to know. You can always tell them later after you got the job if you really want to. But I don't think it helps to volunteer this info, especially in these times. 

Maid Marion:
There is one situation in which you should tell.  The fresh start in a new city when you don't pass.
You want to know how welcoming  your new employer will be before making the big move.

That is one plus of living in the USA.  The relative ease of pulling up stakes and moving across the country.


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