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A bit of Bass Practice


After many years of no music (basically ever since I became self-aware) I have started back up. Background on this is that a friend of mine is thinking about learning the bass. I recorded this for him since he sings this song. It is a simple song, I still managed to mess up on it when I got distracted.

I recorded it with the bass loud, you are warned. :)

password is: music-heals

Sounding good! You get a nice tone from the instrument, too :)

thanks. I'm no expert but I get by and get compliments and since it's al in fun that's all that matters. My bass is a simple Squier Jaguar HB Special(long-scale). Picked it up on sale new for $150 (in 2013). It was a very good buy. I bought it to learn on and even though I now have a 'higher quality' bass I still play this one the most.

I mostly play guitar, though I do have a Squier P-bass that I use for trying things out and a bit of recording (as well as for fun!) I was very lucky with it - I got it from a Cash Converters, brought it home and checked the serial number and found it was from the early 80s, back when Squier made American-quality instruments to compete with the Japanese copies! Couldn't believe it!
What's your favourite style to play?

No favorite really, just some that I won't play. Nex-gen noise level garbage .. ick I'm too old for that.

People I jam with are a mix, oldies, motown, country (old and older), some newer, soft rock .. Dillan, CCR, Eagles, or however you want to define them. The list goes on.

I like to have to work at it but hate making mistakes (bad combo there) so the super ease CFG songs are great for a breather. I like free style playing,  also playing a song as done is good, harder to learn .. I'm just too old. CRS ;D


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