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First sports bra

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--- Quote from: Maid Marion on March 30, 2021, 09:08:22 am ---Yes, try them on.  I collect different styles that show up in the Victoria's Secret clearance section.  With rewards cash, discounts and such I just bought three bras for $16.

Victoria's Secret has a Wardrobe Center, where a customer can try on ALL their bra sizes and styles and figure out what fits them!  But, they only carry smaller band sizes.

Sports bras don't have cups, so cup sizes are meaningless.  Sizes typically start at extra small and go up through extra large sizes.


--- End quote ---

@Maid Marion

That is quite the bargain!


I would say go to sports store or order on-line, with your size now at 250# you will need an xxl or xxxl size.  You will have to try them on to know what will fit best for you. Probably ordering on-line would work best you can return those that don't fit.


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