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Finished transitioning :)
« on: April 02, 2021, 03:48:57 pm »
Hi everyone,

In the past 6 months I've had several surgeries with Dr. Chettawut in Bangkok and I want to say it's been an amazing experience. I was alone in Thailand, mostly stuck in bed all this time. By the time they removed stitches from one surgery I was off to the next, and that's how it went until I left Thailand. The nurses were amazing, pretty much came to my hotel almost every day of my entire stay to ensure I was alright and to answer any questions I might have.

Here's a list of all surgeries I did with him during my stay (between Oct 2020 - March 2021):

- Forehead reduction
- Browlift
- Feminizing rhinoplasty
- Facial bone reduction osteoplasty
- Full face and neck lift (through special technique with unique stitching of face muscles)

- orchiectomy
- panectomy
- clitoroplasty
- labiaplasty
- vaginoplasty

- 400CC breasts implants using Motive Ergonomix implants
- double chin removal and chin liposuction
- trachea shave (Adam's apple reduction)

Apart from the above I had already done voice feminization at Yeson Voice Clinic in South Korea back in 2019.

It was tough because at the same time I worked full time and didn't exactly want to mention anything to my boss, it'd have raised too many questions. I'm really happy with the results though and although I'm still swollen from the face lift the recovery went mostly without bigger complications. The only thing we had to do is a couple of revisions of the vaginal opening with skin curettage. That one was painful, the second time I passed out in the gynecologist chair.

While doing initial consultations with Dr. Chettawut he was trying to convince me to do multiple surgeries at once, but I preferred to spread them across a few months and I'm glad I did. Not only it gave the surgeon more time during each surgery to do a better job, but also it gave me a better chance at feeling less pain and recovering quicker.

Now nobody (literally nobody) ever misgenders me, even when they look at my old passport and at me at same time, so I'd say it's a success story. Dilations and breast massages still take a bigger portion of my day and it's not exactly easy, but I know it'll get easier with each passing month. I still haven't recovered a full feeling in my chin and lower lip, but I knew from the beginning that there was a risk with the chin reduction.

Pain wise I'd say SRS was mild, FFS not much pain at all (thank God for morphine although I had morphine withdrawal symptoms which were a hell to go through), Breasts implants hurt a lot for 1.5 weeks because I chose the method under muscle and with cuts in my armpits (I'm glad I did though), then finally Facelift was the most painful of all of them. I literally burst into tears after waking up from the surgery and cried some more in the hotel.

Bottom line is I cannot recommend Dr. Chettawut enough to anyone wanting to do any of the above surgeries. He's a true professional and wouldn't just do what I wanted him to do, but patiently explained why certain things were too dangerous or not possible in my case and did his best to accomplish the overall result I was looking for.

i hope this helps anyone wanting to decide whether to go through this journey or not.

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Re: Finished transitioning :)
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2021, 05:22:27 pm »
Hi Firearies,

That is wonderful news that you were able to do all that!
I am really happy for you.