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Starting Therapy Again! ARG


My insurance company is requiring that I go talk to a therapist... Again... I did this a few years back but now that my desire is back they want me to talk to a therapist first. Frankly, I don't blame them. But if I had my way I would go into the hospital and come out a new women sometime later. But alas, I fantasize too much. Onward and upward... To infinity and beyond.



Many of us have had the same fantasy. Sometimes we ask God to make us as we should overnight, but it just doesn't work that way. First comes therapy, then hormones, then electrolysis, then surgery of all sorts and finally healing. Somewhere on this road comes self acceptance which is the most important thing to do.

All this costs a lot, but the end result is priceless.  ;D

Battle Goddess:
Hi, Becky. Totes hear you. Sure would be convenient if there were a booth we could step into, a button we could press... sigh.

Now that I'm a couple of years in, though, I begin to wonder whether that wouldn't be a very bad way to go about it. It's been a very strange couple of years for me, and admittedly sometimes difficult and painful, but it's also been incredibly interesting, and the real world can give you time to piece things together at the pace you can handle.

Since we can't have it any other way, I guess there's no real choice. If there were one? Hmmm...


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