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Practical Clothing Guidance?

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My spouse came out to me not long ago. We are still figuring things out, but we are supportive of one another and know that at least between us and our kids, things will be okay.

Not everyone may agree, but I believe that what we wear has power. .My sweetie is struggling to find feminine clothing that actually fits their body and looks good, and I don't know how to help (I'm a dancer and if it's costumes in my style of dance, I'm great but otherwise, clothes have never been much my thing). Where do we go to help them figure what looks good and where to get things that fit? Especially virtually/online? (We are still isolating as much as possible due to the pandemic and having at-risk kids). Thank you!

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Aarbie:
Unfortunately with the Covid lockdown rules it can be difficult to get out and about, and then to find stores that you can actually try things on.

Right at first, it is important to get a good idea regarding sizes.  Don't spend a lot of money right at first trying to find clothing that fits well.   I might even suggest a thrift store (Goodwill?) that will allow the purchase of less expensive 2nd hand clothing so you can better pin down styles and sizes that work well and fit properly.

Then, after you can get a better idea of all of that, you can try mail order .... be sure to checkout the return policy.

I am wishing you both well and hopefully you will find what you are looking for.

HUGS and best wishes,

Amazon Wardrobe is a "try it before you buy it" platform. You get  seven days to try things on at home and you only pay for what you keep. It does require a Prime membership.

Hugs, Devlyn

Maid Marion:
Most likely your spouse has wide shoulders and no hips, for an inverted triangle body type.
I'd start with identifying her body type.

Next step may be identifying colors that complement her skin tone.

I've returned two Amazon items via Kohl's and gotten 25% off discount coupons.
I had no hassle as I had the paperwork, but you can't just show up with the items.


These are all great suggestions, thank you!  You are helping turn something that seem like a huge obstacle into something manageable.  We can do this...


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