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Practical Clothing Guidance?

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If you wish to blend with a crowd, it can be helpful to dress as others around you do, but I have to say as someone in my 60s I ignore most advice about what's "age appropriate" just as I ignore any about dressing gender appropriate. The very first thing your spouse needs to do is decide what s/he most enjoys about feminine dressing. That may not be something that is "appropriate", but it's a starting point. S/he may have a great desire for lace hosiery, short skirts, metallics or, like me, certain long hairstyles. Know what you most desire.

After that, my advice is what I call the fashion-follow cheat. Like it or not, most fashion is influenced by celebrities. A surprising number of famous women have basically masculine figure features (such as wide shoulders). Choose one with a silhouette similar to your own and her fashions in image searches and style pages. These people are dressed by professional stylists, but we can take ques from the for free.

Hi Aarbie;

If you live in the US or Great Britain, my very strong advice is organise a session with HouseofColour See:

They work with you in small groups or on an individual basis depending on your preference. They deliver accurate colour analysis to find the colours that harmonise with your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour. They also work with your body architecture and personality to discover your individual style. The new you will look authentic, feel great, and be able to confidently build a capsule wardrobe to suit your lifestyle and aspiration.

I had my colours down by a fabulous woman near Exeter in Devon in the UK some 10 years ago, and I discovered from my skin tones that I am an Autumn person. They provided a cloud swatch and from this a detailed chart on what colours and  dresses, top, skirts,  and make up colours suit me best.

I have saved a fortune on clothes that didn't fit me (my body shape) and which didn't match my colours.

Even my make up matches my colours eg Blusher, Hight;ight,  highlighter, lipsticks etc.
What I often get is compliments from Women and men on my colour choices  and overall presentation. One time I was in Marks & Spencer going up the escalator (I was in a sleepless dress, and 400mm heels) with matching handbag and this woman approaches me from behind and says Excuse me madam, but I just wanted to say that I love your overall outfit and how much everything matches even your makeup. It turned out she was the floor manager. There was not a hint at all that she realised I was Trans.

It as the best investment I ever made, and now I NEVER buy any clothes unless I have compared it to me colour swatch and  colour guide.

It will be a major benefit for you.
Best JudithLynn

To follow up on Lyric's advice, follow Charlize Theron's fashion choices. She's tall with wide shoulders and narrow hips.

Amy Chislett:
Macy's had an innovative online size program last time I was there; worked like a charm for me.
I got chased  out of Walmarts women section (by a customer).  I like their boy cut panties, but apparently the world isnt ready for Amy Chislett. When I go into women's sections I feel like a stop watch has just clicked.
Cluck inviTation:  I hear a lot talk of appropriate dressing here.  As the worst appropriate dressed person I would like to know what that means.
I would love to to do that. House of Color thing but am no where near passing.  Unfortunately or fortunately, the closest stylist is 2500 miles away.

Sorry about the Wally experience, Amy. To be honest, every time I go into a Wal-Mart I just want to get out as quickly as possible. You'd probably have a better experience at some of the remaining higher end dept. stores, but you don't find Wal-Mart prices there, of course. I find Macy's online operation one of the best and have ordered there a number of times. They have free returns and often have free shipping specials and other things.


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