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Practical Clothing Guidance?

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Maid Marion:
Hi Amy,

Sorry to hear of the bad Walmart experience.

I love looking through the Junior's discount rack at Kohl's when I have a 30% off coupon. At the end of a sale Kohl's will mark down stuff again.  Best prices anywhere for really cute clothes when I do that!  Juniors are less curvy than mature women.  Junior's XS fits my really well.

Then I'll walk across the store to see if what sort of petite sizes they have on discount.  They have another section for office clothes but normally can't wear those styles without some sort of alteration.  With four overflowing closets of clothes I don't buy anything that needs to be hemmed.



--- Quote from: Aarbie890 on April 07, 2021, 10:19:26 pm --- Where do we go to help them figure what looks good and where to get things that fit? Especially virtually/online? (We are still isolating as much as possible due to the pandemic and having at-risk kids). Thank you!

--- End quote ---

Many great suggestions here. My sweetheart got up the courage to use the dressing room in a small shop at the mall one Wednesday morning. The only other person in the store was a burly man. She tried on one dress and we bought it and she loves it. Then the shutdown began. We remain isolated due to our own health concerns, and in support of others whom we don't want to infect.

She has stuck with men's pants, and wears skirts that have very adjustable waists like elastic and drawstrings.

I sew, so I make and alter her clothes, but I can't keep up with her appetite and body changes. We hired an upscale dry cleaner's tailor to alter some shirts, and they came back poorly done -- even after I returned them to be redone twice.

A few more ideas:

Before the shutdowns, I was hyper-attentive to how she interacted with the merchandise. She followed me as I deliberately walked slowly through the racks, stopping when I noticed that something caught her eye. We discovered that her shirt and dress size is usually exactly one size larger than mine, so I tried on clothes for her in my size to help her see what they looked like "in real life". I explained how each item felt on me: stiff, energizing, constricting, delicate, rugged...

She doesn't have the patience to try on a box full of clothes or sort through huge racks. I enjoy doing both.

She continues to buy clothes from her favorite Man Brands that have some more feminine fabrics.

Best wishes!

Haley Conner:
There are no rules here that apply to everyone, I've found.

Maid Marion:
I've gone back to Ebay to buy golf clothes.  Manufacturers rarely post useful sizing info.  Many don't even provide hemline lengths!  One says to just order two and return the one that doesn't fit.

Seller will often measure and list sizing info on ebay. Once someone got it wrong and issued a prompt refund.



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