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Anyone into LEGO?

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Ann Jolene, I will post it when I am done. Devlyn,glad you could help. Legos for me are like 3 D puzzles. I was blown away the first time. I had pile of 700-1000 bricks. A couple of hours later. I had a running train. I love to build them. I have over 300 sets. Probably should sell some. The biggest problem with my big LEGO town is dust!! It’s so hard to clean the buildings and pieces. No one in LEGO ever wants to share that part with you!! lol it’s a fun hobby for me. I build puzzles too. Hugs, Rebecca

I stumbled across this absolutely mesmerising video.  :)

Two sets, one for building, and one for collecting.   :)

I was never bought LEGOs when I was a child. My parents bought me Mattel's Construx building sets. They did not last very long. They eventually stopped making them. I still have my Contrux building set to this day. I have seen them at one other person's house. They are quite a rare sight these days


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