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Why Are Republicans Betting the Farm on Attacking Transgender People?

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Why Are Republicans Betting the Farm on Attacking Transgender People?

LA Progressive by Staff on April 12, 2021

The GOP’s latest culture war is focused squarely on the nation’s transgender community, specifically transgender youth. It isn’t a new war, simply a new front in an old war that can be traced back to the famed “bathroom bills” from some years ago that spread across dozens of states. Those bills were introduced in tandem with former President Donald Trump’s targeted federal government-led attacks that included the overturning of anti-discrimination statutes protecting trans people and an outright transgender ban in the U.S. military.

Wish I knew. It's exhausting, especially when almost everybody I know keeps voting them into office in spite of it. I get that there are other issues, but I'd kinda like to have a right to life.

Because they can. They see them as an easy target, and they are sure that  God is on their side and wants them to inform the sinners. They are sure that if their children learn about the Trans people they will all magically transform right in front of their eyes. And they cannot stand for that. What we are seeing right now is the GOP elite posturing for the coveted presidential position, that they are certain God wants them to have. They are marganilizing the black community too. So if you know a Trans person, or a black person, or if you happen to be one, just know they think they are better than you, and they are smarter than you, and that God favors them over you. And they are going to teach you a lesson in humility.

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Lady Sarah:
vanityfair63 is pretty spot on. It's much like the old crying "witch" to keep women in line during the dark ages. The elite make up stories and use us as scapegoats to demonize us, rallying the masses much in the same way as the elite did against "witches" back then. Much of the time, it is to keep the media focus off of what is going on behind closed doors, so to speak. They feel it is better for the public to fear us, than to fear them.

Alas, we are not their only enemy. Behold the abortion bills. How do you like that for a witch hunt? Not only do they want to deprive us of the right to do with our bodies as we please, but cis women as well. It would seem the only ones with freedom would be cis males. Haven't we been sending soldiers to war over such?

I live in Texas and it's clear that Greg Abbott is using it as a sinister re-election strategy. The Republicans know they can't be elected by the majority so they aim to activate hate. While it's not so fashionable to openly arouse hate toward blacks, Hispanics or gays (though they do that, too, indirectly) TG people are a weak and easy target for hate focus. We are poorly organized, in relatively small numbers and no sort of threat to anyone. Only the stupidest knuckle draggers fall it, but apparently in Texas that's enough stay in office. But most of the time these politicians just concern themselves with pandering to the big oil interests.


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