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Why Are Republicans Betting the Farm on Attacking Transgender People?

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I think the question would be better framed as "Why are people south of the Mason-Dixon Line Betting the Farm on Attacking Transgender People?" The problem is more geographical than political. With a few outliers, LGBTQIA+ rights are stronger in the North than the South.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: In Massachusetts it was a Republican governor who signed a transgender bill of rights into law.  He was initially against it, but he listened, he learned, and he did what was right for the people.

Brooke Renee:
So let me see if I understand this correctly.  Many in the GOP were deeply wounded at mask mandates citing they were infringing on their rights even though the mandates were grounded in science.  But they have no problem infringing on women’s rights, gay rights, trans rights based on what has become a religious cult.  At the same time these "good christians" continue to worship a man that sees the seven deadly sins as a bucket list.  I'm confused.


Maid Marion:
That is intentional.  They wish to get smart folks doing stuff that won't help their cause.  Don't fall for that.

If you can, live a good life and show to your community that you are hardly a threat.

When the weather gets nice I'll be out  in my front yard tending my gorgeous flower garden wearing girly clothes.



--- Quote from: Lyric on May 06, 2022, 08:48:59 am ---I live in Texas and it's clear that Greg Abbott is using it as a sinister re-election strategy. The Republicans know they can't be elected by the majority so they aim to activate hate. While it's not so fashionable to openly arouse hate toward blacks, Hispanics or gays (though they do that, too, indirectly) TG people are a weak and easy target for hate focus. We are poorly organized, in relatively small numbers and no sort of threat to anyone. Only the stupidest knuckle draggers fall it, but apparently in Texas that's enough stay in office. But most of the time these politicians just concern themselves with pandering to the big oil interests.

--- End quote ---

Agreed, Lyric.  It's a percentages play to be honest. 

Both parties like to pander to single issue voters because they are cheap and easy.  If you can rile up some of the bigots in East Texas, you can get them to vote for you and you don't have to really DO anything. 

It really will only change once it becomes "uncool" to be mean to transgender people.  When will that happen?  Heck -- I don't know.  It took many years before it became political suicide to openly attack the gay / lesbian community. 

I'm trying to not worry about it too much and focus on being a good representative of the community to everyone around me.  That's really the smart play here.  When people begin to realize that these politicians aren't hurting "random transgender people", but rather hurting "my friend Sara", that's when the tide will turn.



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