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The Maine Millennial: Stop attacking transgender children


The Maine Millennial: Stop attacking transgender children

Portland Press Herald by Victoria Hugo-Vidal on April 11, 2021

 I have friends and loved ones who are transgender. They are not an “issue.” Their lives aren’t an intellectual debate for me. They are real people, human beings, and I worry about their safety and happiness every day. Transgender women are women. Transgender men are men. Other people’s gender is none of your business. But since there is clearly no bigger problem in the world today: Let’s talk about transgender student athletes.

First of all, some numbers, if you are worried about transgender athletes destroying sports as we know them. The NCAA has about 200,000 athletes competing in women’s sports. Fifty are transgender. Transgender people make up about 2 percent of the general population. Even if the entire transgender community were organizing and plotting to destroy women’s sports (which, to be clear, they are not: Lots of trans people have no interest in athletics, just like cisgender people!), they simply don’t have the numbers to do that.


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