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Voice Exercises for Dr. Haben "Triple" VFS Surgery

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Hi all!

I have been looking for voice exercises everywhere but can't seem to have any luck. I had the triple surgery done on December 2nd, 2020 and for reference, I am 19 years old.

I had to stay silent for 34 days and was able to officially talk on January 5, 2021. I was not allowed to do any kind of speech therapy until March 2nd, 2021.

My voice sounds a little bit better than pre op but I am not passing 100% of the time. It fluctuates between feminine and not so feminine.

I may have had some granulation tissue on my vocal cords and still might have that. My voice is still not fully healed.

I realized I am going to need to do voice feminization therapy, but I do not know how to approach it. I don't know what exercises are safe to do and what exercises are effective. I feel like projecting my voice is nearly impossible. Does anyone know any good exercises that are also safe? Dr.Haben said I needed to go to a certified voice pathologist because if the exercises are done incorrectly, I can damage the vocal cords.

Thank you!

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Zara:
I am saddened to read about your disappointment with your voice surgery.  Obviously you should follow your surgeon's instructions regarding how much and how your use your post-op voice.  I guess that your surgeon has already advised you to see a Certified Voice Pathologist regarding voice exercises that will help you.

I truly wish and hope that you can overcome your difficulties, especially with the granulation tissue issues that you are experiencing.

I will be looking forward to you updates, but only as you feel comfortable sharing them.

Warmest regards and best wishes ... and WELCOME TO SUSAN'S PLACE and the FORUMS

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Zara:

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I used a speech pathologist recommended on Dr. McGinn's web site. I went to the one she used for herself. I saw her for a year before starting with voice surgeries. I may go to Temple University's speech pathology department when they start their trans speach pathology semester. You can look on line for someone near you and you may want to do virtual sessions.

I had booked and paid for surgery with Dr. Haban but then cancelled and went to another doctor and had 2 surgeries that did not go well. Then I went to Dr. Thomas and he helped me greatly by doing FemLar and redoing my glottoplasty.

How do you feel the surgery went with Dr. Haban?

The voice takes time to heal and it takes 6 months to a  year for full results. I returned from Dr. Thomas in I think March from a laser tuning on a section of my one vocal fold. He used a laser to create a wound ( to cause it to retract) behind a vocal fold area that was larger than the rest of the fold. It was from my 2nd surgery with another doctor. I went to Dr. Thomas for a second opinion and I am very glad I did. The first surgeon wanted to insert a Teflon strip behind my one vocal fold to compensate for the other vocal fold that was larger in a section.

Maid Marion:
I received speech therapy in a hospital rehab setting.  I went from a flat monotone with clearly enunciated words to a very feminine modulated voice.  The pitch was already in the proper range, so it is likely that your situation is similar.  Now that the pitch is in the right range, a therapist can help you with sentence and phrase formation.



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