Author Topic: Are you treated "badly" as a woman?  (Read 1424 times)

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Re: Are you treated "badly" as a woman?
« Reply #20 on: May 11, 2021, 03:04:10 am »
I don’t know about badly but certainly differently.

Probably will sound stupid, but everyone treats me like a porcelain doll. Fragile, and unable to take care of myself. Age and gender are irrelevant, everyone treats me like I need help. Everyone. I don’t need help but everyone is so kind and nice to me, don’t know what to make of it to be honest. Went to a restaurant with my late boyfriend’s daughter and son-in-law last night. Had to wait a little so we went into a side room, me being in the back when they gave our names, I was now in the front. No kidding, this tall girl maybe 14 or 15 grabs my arm like a little old person, like behind my arm in the crook of my elbow and leads me past her family into the room. I said thank you and sorry. Her mom I think, much taller than me, puts her arm around my shoulder and says, You’re okay, we were in the way sweetheart. The woman had to be at least a decade younger than me. Everyone treats me like that. No reason for it, I most certainly have never done anything to deserve such treatment. My picture is only a few months old, do I look old and infirm to you? 51 is not so old right?

Even the perverts, when I say, No thank you, just say, Okay. Anymore.

Don’t know, but no one treats me badly. Very rarely there is a young beautiful woman that is a little sour to me but not exceptionally so. Kinda weird though, even they can be overly sweet to me. The whole thing kind of freaks me out a bit.


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Re: Are you treated "badly" as a woman?
« Reply #21 on: May 11, 2021, 07:07:23 am »
Each of us has a personality and what is acceptable for some is not the same for others. As a male I had power and influence and demanded respect. My senior managers were a mix of 50/50 men and women and I saw them as equals. After SRS (6 years ago), I had this plan to be more feminine; this included being much less agressive and arrogant. Well it didnt take me long to realize that my male view of equality was not shared by many other males and that women have to fight to be treated equally. I realized I have been an Alpha male and now saw myself as Alpha female.  Many men cannot stand  women competing against them, and losing to  female can cause great resentment. Many revert to threat of violence easily. I have had these issues with men, but I know when to pick my fights. I have a reputation of being agressive not only physically but with lawsuits., I am a supporter  of women rights and and indegeneous women rights. The true stories of men abusing women both emotionslly and physically is sickening and heartbreaking.

We need to stand with women and fight for the equality
When we first start our journey the perception and moral values all dramatically change in wonderment. As we evolve further it all becomes normal again but the journey has changed us forever.

SRS January 21st,  2558 (Buddhist calander), 2015