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Bra while you sleep

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I wouldn't wear a bra to bed mainly because it must be so uncomfortable to sleep wearing it lol.

But maybe you can try with a sports bra. They are wireless and some are made out of a softer or more pleasant material, but have cups to give some support to the breasts.

No bras to bed, noooo way lol.
I do have and advantage though, I sleep sideways nearly always hugging a pillow. And now since have my boobs done one lives under the pillow supported by the mattress and the other lives on top of the pillow supported by the pillow lol.

This was how I slept before and I'm glad I can still so! :)

Rachel, good idea. Last night I wore a cami and got my best night of sleep in weeks.
Hugs, Rebecca

Maid Marion:
When I started sleeping with a partner I switched to sleeping on my back.


I didnt sleep with a bra in my 20s because I had smaller boobs. Now that I am in my 30s I am a DD cup so when my period is about to come on my breasts are sore/tender and I have to wear a bra for support. It hurts too much to not have anything supporting them when they are sore. If Im post period I usually wear no bra to bed if Im at home.


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