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Plea for help to understand myself

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--- Quote from: Rachel on April 24, 2021, 08:44:49 pm ---I much prefer shopping in a thrift store than a department store. I like some clothing at Target and stores of that style. I buy clothing on line a lot for work as I need tall clothing and large shoes. I buy clothing from NY&C too.

... I am going to lunch with my ex tomorrow.

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similarly with me, i'm 5'11  ;). enjoy your lunch today!


Some things to think about is self acceptance and freedom of guilt. I treated myself poorly to suppress my needs over the needs of others.   A therapist can help you work through them. First things first, finding a therapist and introductory sessions.

thanks, Rachel, for you comment. I do suffer a lot of guilt and shame.. of course need to work on self acceptance. unfortunately, all 4 therapists i have tried to reach in last days, have rejected me due to full schedules.. so the journey continues  :)

as least all is good at home.

A friend did online sessions with a US based therapist when they were in Singapore. I don't know the service but they found it via Google I think. Self pay of course.

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--- Quote from: Peeptoe on April 20, 2021, 04:48:28 am ---i mustered enough courage in last 3 days, to first speak with my sister and today my wife. my sister was always a support to me, and i was always envious of her "reckless disregard" towards others in pursuit of her happiness. she wants me to be finally content for once in life and will support me in whatever needs to happen.
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This is what I'm guessing my sis will be like when I break the news, still not easy, hopefully soon.


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