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Plea for help to understand myself

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--- Quote from: Maid Marion on April 17, 2021, 09:40:21 pm ---So far I have not seen a need for HRT or surgery.

But, I've come to realize that my social awkwardness was the result of being in the uncanny valley between male and female.  Now that I've transitioned to a female presentation that awkwardness is gone!
Even if they know or realize that I'm a guy because of say, the name on the Covid-19 prescription, it isn't really awkward because my presentation "looks good."

Many of the things I've done, like growing out my hair, has taken years. 


--- End quote ---

Similar case here.  I will never go down the HRT road.  Can't fully transition but I have my moments in certain situations when I can go all out.  It's good to be more sure this is where I'm meant to be.  Hair is still growing out, had a few compliments from nice ladies which is always a treat.  Just starting to curl it which might take some practice!  Really enjoying the process anyway...sorry ott OP. 


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