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Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

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This is news to me, although I guess it's been done for some time now. Basically, they liposuction fat from fatty areas you might want to reduce, then use the fat to enlarge your breasts.

Anyone have any first or even second hand knowledge regarding this? If so, what was your take?


I have second hand knowledge. I have been consulting with a number of surgeons about a BA for myself. Fat transfer was discussed.

The main limitations are;

How much fat is available for transfer?

How much fat might survive in the new location and not be reabsorbed?

What will the shape of the enlarged breast look like?

After my own research into these issues, I concluded that Fat Transfer is acceptable if you are willing to accept variable results and a odd shaped breast. I have seen pictures of fat transfer patients and I am not impressed.

You will get a better result with an implant, either saline or silicone, provided that you have selected a qualified  surgeon.

Thanks Rakel

There's an episode in the TV show Pose (I watch it on Netflix) that addresses this. Somebody gets it from an experienced (but not medically certified) provider with good results.

Somebody else goes to a cheaper person and has very bad looking results.

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Thanks RandiL


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