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What are you having for dinner? 5.0

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What are you having for dinner? 5.0

Thanks go to our many frequent posters.  This thread’s posts should often have great recipes and wonderful pictures.  But you do not need to post a picture or a recipe.   

The dinner thread “What are you having for dinner? 4.0” that just ended can be found here, in case you want to browse it:,249895.0.html.  It had more than 47,000 views.

May you have many times of happy and healthy meal planning and eating!   :)


Northern Star Girl:
... Thanks ChrissyRyan for continuing on with the new Version 5 thread.


Northern Star Girl:
After church this morning I went directly to my office to work
on the ever growing pile of tax work for my clients.   

I had lunch at the next door coffee shop:
     Chicken Soup, toast, and coffee............ lots of coffee!


Visiting my son and his partner. We sliced a couple eggplants, rolled the slices in flour, then in a whisked egg, then in spiced breadcrumbs and baked them. Made tomato sauce and served it all with pasta.

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Cant decide between doing chicken and apricots or a curry to use up some yogurt.


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