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transition with FFS and BA, not hormones or HRT. It is a good idea?

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About MTF transition.
I have seen some people opt for hormone replacement and surgery, others just for hormones. My question is if anyone has had only surgery (FFS & BA) and How did it go? Are you satisfied with the result? How old was you when did it?

thanks for reading

I did HRT then 2 years later BA, and then 4 months later FFS. They say to wait from 2-5 years after starting hormones before having a BA. I waited about 2 1/2 years with little growth. I may have had minor facial changes but nothing I could identify. The reason to wait is to see what hormones do to your body. Everyone reacts differently to hormones. I agree with the minimum wait times as a minimum.

I can now see some hangers in my body, hips and butt, which I like.

I recommend waiting and then deciding. I know my breasts are still growing because I have growth pains still, below the nipple. Due to my age I do not expect much significant growth.


I started with HRT then went on to the surgeries. I have no experience with surgery without hormones.

However, I have a friend who had a BA without hormones. She is a body builder who just did not like what HRT did to her muscular strength. She is of an ethnic heritage that is known for little face and body hair, but she keeps on weight training. That is her thing and good for her.

She is in her early 60's and looks like she is a 40 year old female body builder. It works for her, but each of us must decide what is important for ourselves.

for what its worth even after 2 years I don't have the perfect breasts I wanted (not sure what they even are) but I do understand like any female you get what you get. I currently don't intend to do anything about it until that tingly sensation stops if at all


Maid Marion:
I am presenting as female full time without surgeries or HRT.
I pass pretty well as I have a petite hourglass figure and can fill a 32A bra without breast forms.

Just like your body builder friend I have little body hair and concerns about muscular strength.
I do a lot of gardening and it takes a lot of work to maintain everything. 
The tons of flowers I get every season makes everyone in the neighborhood happy.
Last year it started with the crocuses and something was in bloom until the final camellia bloom.



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