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--- Quote from: SheShe on May 15, 2021, 11:55:01 am ---If you spring a leak with a bag you are ship sunk on the spot.   Fill a balloon with rice and adjust the amount to your preference.

--- End quote ---
Rice don't bounce and the bags I've used is 3 month old with 7 hours of use for each day. I have no issues with sleeping with them, actually it makes me relax more  :eusa_think:

Oh, my. Please don't attempt to make your own forms with plastic bags. That's asking for disaster. As SheShe said, if you can afford to buy something there, The Breast Form Store (website) seems like an excellent dealer that offers many good products and seems to care about their customers. If you can't, look on eBay and check the dealers in silicon Chinese import items (search "Breast Forms & Enhancers"). They are sold on Amazon, too. I've bought a brand called Ivita that I've found quite wearable, though I've never worn forms a great deal. Those forms can cost in the $30 to $75 range. I've found it tricky to match a bra to the sizes, though. They seem to have two form sizes for each cup size. I suggest buying the smaller one. An even cheaper alternative would be to pick up a pair of those very inexpensive breast pads often called "cutlets". Depending on your size that might help you fill an A cup or so.


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