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Northern Star Girl:
@Raye   @Empty Miroir   @ErinWDK

Dear Members ....
All of us here on the Forums are  wishing you
....a very :icon_flower: :icon_flower: Happy Birthday :icon_flower: :icon_flower:
I hope that your special day includes time with family and friends...
... with  Candles and CAKE.

***NOTE: On your May 8th birthday be certain to check your profile for a special birthday surprise! :)

Best wishes to you on your special day and birthday.

Happy birthday to each of you!


Thank you for the birthday wishes!


I went to my profile and found what looked like a virtual piece of birthday cake.  I can't figure out how to access it so I can eat it...  So, here is Ancient Erin, making do with her homemade, impromptu version of Plov.  This has hot Italian (pork) sausage so it is not even close to something authentic to Uzbekistan.  It has rice (long grain white and wild) carrots, onions, raisins, chopped up dried apricots and assorted herbs and spices.  The flavor is probably closer to Mexican.  Not at all a satisfactory substitute for birthday cake.  I do have a Funfetti cake mix, but I don't have eggs.

A day it is!


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