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A little less than a week ago I had my orchiectomy. I know everyone's experience can be different but I want to share my experience so any sisters planning a similar procedure can learn one from one woman's experience.

My Cinco de Mayo was unlike any other I've experienced! I arrived at the hospital at about 10:30 am and went to the outpatient surgical center with my wife. We had a couple of hours before the surgery was scheduled so we had time to chat and for the staff to get me prepped. Prep mainly consisted of applying the EKG leads and inserting the IV in my left arm. Previously I did the surgical prep which consisted of a blood test, EKG, COVID test and lots of questions. They also asked for a copy of my living health directive, which is pretty standard for any kind of procedure involving anesthesia. I was not allowed to eat starting at midnight the day of the surgery and could have clear liquids until two hours before I arrived at the hospital.

I met with the anesthesiologist and the doctor before the surgery. The anesthesiologist told me they would be administering three levels of anesthesia; the first would be "like a glass of wine" to calm me. That would be followed by propofol and then general anesthesia. I was out after the "glass of wine." One interesting sidelight was the anesthesiologist recognizing my name. I used to be on the radio and have an unusual name, so people often know me from the radio even though I've been off the air for a few years.

The next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery area. I knew what had happened and it just felt as if I was waking up from sleep. The nurse kept telling me to stop rubbing my eye. Usually, I'm pretty compliant, but I just kept rubbing the eye which was itching.

I think I spent about a waking 30 minutes in recovery. I had to pee before they would send me to discharge.   

The surgeon called my wife after the operation and told her all went well. They spotted a small hernia. I'll see the surgeon on Friday and learn more about it, but he told her it was minor and would probably not need to be treated.

I felt pretty alert on the trip home. Of course, my wife was driving.

I would say I didn't feel pain, for the most part, just discomfort. I did feel some pain when I had to get in bed that night and turning over in bed was a bit painful. I never felt it necessary to take the pain medication they prescribed.

Two days after the surgery, I think any anesthesia wore off and I was a bit more uncomfortable. The pain was not in the scrotum, which I kept, but in the area just above the penis. The best way I could describe it is that if felt as if my pubic hairs were being pulled.

When they removed the testes they also remove the seminal ducts which extend to the prostate. That is probably why I felt the discomfort in the area above the penis. The doctor explained they inject the anesthesia into that area but they may not be able to reach all sections.

Six days later I feel better. Although I feel about 90% normal I have to keep it easy. No lifting over five pounds, no bike riding. I have been able to continue my walking. Since I can't do my other exercises I'm walking about three times as much as I used to.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


            Becky I suppose CONGRATS are in order! I witnessed an orchi once, someone formally from here, spent maybe an hour in the wait room, she had simple local instead.

They had completely removed her testes and, last time I saw, they were atop the refrigerator in a glass jar!  :o Trust may your adrenals do their best job now!

(ps: let us know how your next "labs" turn out!)

BeckyCNJ, glad you are doing fine. Orchi is usually not a long or hard recovery just follow your surgeon's instructions as you don't to have something bad happen in the groin area.


You asked me to post my "labs" turned out. I'm a bit late in sharing this but about two months after the operation these are the results.

Testosterone: 11

Estrogen: 127

PSA: 1.9

The one I'm most happy about is the PSA #. It had been quite high for a number of years and this was finally the ticket to getting it lower.


What is PSA?


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