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I transitioned about 35 years ago and have gone largely braless. I once read an article that said that not wearing a bra works the musculature in your chest and that you'll be less likely to sag. That's been the case for me. My breasts are as nearly as perky as when I was 30. Has anyone else walked the hanging free and easy path?


--- Quote from: Oldandcreaky on May 12, 2021, 07:06:15 am --- . . walked the hanging free and easy path?
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          If anything been wearing an oversized padded 'C' 'cause breasts are growing and sensitive, HURT like 'ell again! Was used to wearing a very thin, unlined 'B" due to incessant offroad tandem dump truck *bouncing* but now two-year-old, 1'st boy grandbaby, likes to *attack, climb & wrestle* and nothing is ever "off-limits" . . .

          After taking "tabs" for years started EV IM's last month and am looking forward to adding bio-progesterone! While still nominally presenting "as male" owner/boss lady has already done numerous "strap-checks" and is quite content in treating me as "one-of-the-girls" sooo . . ;) why mess with a good thing?

Love to one day but a current option NOT!

Northern Star Girl:
@Chloe     cc: @Oldandcreaky
Dear Chloe:
Thank you for posting your reply comment and for sharing the photo.

Oh yes, "strap checks" ... I remember those before I had come-out full time.  I was
"found out" many times by suspecting friends and co-workers when I was in Male-Mode.

Due to the fact that I run a small woman-owned business in a small conservative
town I always dress for respect, and also in my situation I think it is smart to
fly under the radar by not wearing overly revealing clothes and wild makeup.

I am not inclined to go bra-less in my work and social life and also due to my very active lifestyle...
.... here are some of my photos which shows why I have chosen to not go bra-less


I don't like wearing a bra, and I don't wear one around the house. But my torso looks so much better when I wear definitely helps me pass. I would never go outside without wearing one, except in the winter, maybe (if I know I'll always be wearing my coat).


Sometimes. It all depends on what I am doing and what is appropriate.

As for bras causing breast to sag because of little muscular exercise, There are just too many variables to make a definite statement. A sagging breast is more related to having breast fed an infant than anything else. Being overweight does not help any either.


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