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At work I have to wear a bra and conservative clothing. I wear sweaters (loose) during the winter and tops the rest of the time, usually fitted and with a bra.

Out and about I sometimes go bra-less with a thin fitted top in a male dominated place. Fun to watch.

I almost always wear a bra and a very supportive bra in the gym or hiking.

I had a BA and my doctor said I can go bra-less. I was a 42A post BA and now a 38 DDD. My bra is a bit tight now. My concern is if my breasts sag some day. I have them exactly where they were post BA but they are more full. If I bounce hiking it really hurts after the hike. So I wear a supportive bra.

Well, for my understanding it is absolutely inappropriate not to wear a bra.

There are unbelievable different kinds of style in materials, prices, colors, sizes, models and cuts so there should be something for everyone something to find...

But that is just my opinion.

I say each to her own.. If you happy.. why not... there is no law saying you must wear a bra

Personally, I actually don't mind wearing a bra, so do wear one daily, even if I am just at home. The only time I don't wear a bra, is when I am in my nightie.

I must say, I do have natural D's. so the support helps my back. I have learnt that a bra that fits right, i.e. that correct band and cup size, actually is very comfortable and you almost forget its there.

Something my mother wants/or is trying to instill in me, don't let bra straps show in public I love wearing spaghetti strap or strappy  tops or dresses), she says, a lady does not show her underwear in public, but then she has no issue with me wearing a bikini. (then again she wears one herself).

MY mother has two pet hates, and she told me. no daughter of hers will, show her bra straps in public and wear open toe shoes with stockings/pantyhose - I agree with that one, the bra strap thing, it really does not bother me.

noleen111, your comments are so true.  Go to a good bra shop and try on bras until you find the one or two that feel like they fit you.  You know you have found the right bra when you put it on in the morning and unless you are doing some real sketching or exercise you don't really realize you are are wearing it. Do try to wear a bra what doesn't cry out look at me, the style and color should blend with what you are wearing on top. Today there are bras in about any color you want so you need a variety of colors

Before my BA I never could go bra-less because I needed the bra to hold my push-up pads. Since my BA I love going bra-less at times, especially when it is summer.  I do feel I need to wear the right kind of top to conceal my rather perky nipples.


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