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Straight male, is it possible to change sexual preference after srs

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Is it possible for an alpha straight male who changes gender to feel sexually attracted to men.

I remember when I was in my late teens/early twenties to have sexual relationship with men, after all I dreamed of being a female every night before sleeping. So being adventurous and to conform my sexual orientation I tried, but immediately realized that, for me, it was impossible.. I was a straight male, no doubts.

So after my srs I decided I needed to try men again. Well, my feelings did not changed. I had many sexual  relationship with men but it was more for the experience and the picture I had in my mind that I am straight be it a female or male, so now a tg female I should like men. As the years went by, I became bi and now finally accept that I still want a relationship with a female.
I dont know about other tgs that were straight men. Is it possible to really change your sexual preference..

Yes, it is. It's even not that uncommon... although I reckon that it can be extremelly disturbing.

Not sure if I can post hyperlinks, but try to Google the article "Transgender Transitioning and Change of Self-Reported Sexual Orientation", by Matthias K. Auer, et al. The full text is made freely available at PubMed Central. It's illuminating.


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At various times, I felt attracted to either males or females. It really depended on who the person was. I am not talking about physical attributes, but more of the personality of the person.

Being 5 years post op, I mostly consider myself asexual. After all, I am in my senior years. However, I have noticed that I am paying more attention to certain men I find attractive because of their personality. This is different from my previous life, where anyone even slightly female in appearance drew my interest.  >:-)

I do not know if this is age or transition related. Probably a little of each. One thing I have noticed about myself is that today on the morning weather reporters on TV, I notice the women for what they wear and I appreciate the men for their masculine personality.  ;D

When I am attracted to a person I feel that flutter of sexual excitement. Maybe Ive been an alpha male for too long. I have yet to feel that flutter with any men. I had so many men flirt, buy me presents, and trying to charm me. Kinda forced myself to try and like men, maybe one day a man can excite me like a woman can.

I think if a person is excited by contrasts, a new sexual preference might be possible. For example, I like salted caramels and cookies. I also like textural contrasts in food. When I garden, I work with opposing colors on the color wheel.

So, in bed, I like the contrast of a man, his thick wrists versus my thin wrists, his rough skin versus my soft skin, his hard pecs versus my yielding breasts. I know that straight men like that contrast too.


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