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Vagina Smell Change after Sex


Hi, if you have sex with a guy do you notice an change in vagina odor for a week or so? I notice my vagina has no odor for a week or so and then returns to normal.

Haven't had the experience, almost all my sex has been with women. If you're going bare, semen has a pH of ~7.6, which turns the normally and healthy acidic environment of the vagina basic long enough to protect sperm, improving odds for fertilization. So your vaginal pH is going to take some time to recover and the vaginal microflora that are part of healthy vaginas and their scent will take some time to recover.

I spoke a piece about this in my Vagina Monologues performance a couple years ago.

Best wishes, hope you're being safe!

I am I the only person who thinks this is kind of wonderful?


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