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Marcy - My crossdressing Journey


Hello my name is Marcy
I’ve been crossdressing since I was 12 years old but I’ve always been forced to keep it in the closet because of family pressures.

For the past seven years since my wife passed I have been dressing more and more experimenting with make up and going out in public fully dressed.

I wanted to share how I love your website and the resources here and being able to interact in a safe manner with other crossdressers and transgender people.

I love to feel feminine but I’ve always been in conflict with myself because of external pressures from friends and family and my community.

I am really growing tired of living with this conflict and would love to more fully be able to live into my feminine personna.

Could you offer me any helpful resources to help me with this transition and to come to peace with my feminine self.

 Ever since I was 12 years old I always felt more like a girl than a boy and would experiment wearing my mothers bridal clothes. I’m tired of trying to be masculine and make believe that I am this manly man.

I much prefer my feminine personna and being out in public dressed as a female feel so much more natural and calming.

My counselor says I have developed crossdressing as a coping mechanism which is fine but it can also be fully embraced as a new lifestyle if I strategically take the steps to plan to make this happen with the least amount of damage to my personal life.

I’ve been wrestling with this for years.  I simply need direction on how to live in to my femininity without damaging all my relationships with friends and family.

Thank you for listening.

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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Marcy:
    Please know that I am not trying to hijack your post and what you have shared but first I wish to Officially Welcome YOU to Susan's Place..... then you can expect more members to respond to your question and thoughts once you introduce and tell a little more about yourself.
    As you post here on the forums you will be able to exchange thoughts and comments with others that are experiencing many of the same things that you wrote about.
    This is the right place for you to be to find out what others may have to say that may have been in your circumstances and with your questions and concerns.
    There are a lot of members here that will be able to identify with your situation as you continue to feel free to share it.

You will find this a safe and friendly place to share with others and to read about others similar trials, tribulations, and successes.

    As you are certainly aware you can share with others and involve yourself with some give and take with other like-minded members.  When frustrated or if you have successes you can share it here if you wish and receive support from others and offer support to others. ....
     ***There is a very good chance that you might find that you will make some new like-minded friends here. 

    Please come in and continue to be involved at your own pace.   Other members will be along shortly to give you their thoughts about your questions and concerns that you mentioned in your very first posting.
    There are informational and important LINKS that I have included below.   You will find information about the site that will help you navigate around and best utilize the features here.   
Please look closely at the LINKS in RED, answers are there to many questions that new members ask....

Again, Welcome to Susan's Place.

Here are some links to the site rules and stuff that all new members should be familiar with:
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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Marcy:
.......One more thing......
If you feel so inclined please feel free to stop by the Introductions Forum to very briefly tell more members about yourself!
With more exposure to more members here you will be able to get more responses to your questions and concerns.
Wishing your well as you continue to be involved in the forums.

NOTE: Now, after all of this Greeting and Welcoming stuff, I will give you and other readers the thread back so that the conversation can continue on.
Again, I am so very glad to see that you have joined Susan's Place.  I will be eagerly looking for your future postings around the Forums.

If you have any questions you can contact ME at
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