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Scam warning


One of our staff received contact from an individual claiming to have their confidential forum member information. I reviewed the information provided by the scammer to the person in question and was able to confirm that that the information provided by the scammer was different than that which was recorded in the site's databases.

The username, display name, and passwords did not match any of the confidential information stored in our databases. The email the person had was used publicly.

In this case, it was a scam and not a legitimate compromise.  Needless to say, I was relieved!

We do our best to ensure that member information is kept secure, and I will always take a claim of this nature seriously! I was ready to take down the site immediately until the hole was patched if the information had matched!

If any of the members are contacted by anyone making claims of this nature, I will be happy to personally review your account in our database and confirm if the information matches or does not.

Thank you Susan for taking our security seriously. We have enough detractors already.


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