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Third garden

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I've started to build my third garden and hopefully my last, as I'm old and creaky. My first garden had three patios, which I laid, rose quartz walkways, raised limestone beds, and paver pathways too, which I also laid. My second garden was woodland, with scores of native trees and 80 Japanese maples, as well as an orchard, flowerbeds that wrapped around the house, and raised beds for veggies. This third and final garden will be Japanese. I met with a soil expert yesterday and she took soil samples. My soil appears to be <not allowed>, which means it'll need literal tons of <not allowed> to enrich it. I've also stacked tons of boulders, which will be artfully positioned by an excavator, and I've got the garden's basic skeleton assembled, i.e. the scores of trees that will frame it. I've lined the driveway with Paperbark Maples, an extraordinary tree that excels in all four seasons. They'll arch over the driveway one day. This garden is already ringed by four plus acres of trees, which I own and will never be touched, but it's still gets lots of light, which greases the gardening skids.

Your third garden plan reads like a beautiful dream

Maid Marion:
Good luck!  I've greatly improved my soil over years.  It really makes a difference!


Sounds wonderful

Your gardens are a real labor of love. I'm glad you have the space and resources to create them. Someday if you're comfortable sharing I'm sure we'd all love to see some photos, to whatever extent a photo can capture a garden.

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