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Yeson voice revision
« on: May 19, 2021, 10:23:35 pm »
So its been 18 months since i had my voice feminization from yeson. Unfotunately while i did get about 20-30 hz pitch increase from using my trained voice, the results werent satisfying. Currently I am speaking at about 165-175hz. The baritone has come back after about a 8 months. I compared my recordings from May 2020 to my voice now and it sounds alot harsher and not as soft as back then. And May 2020 was when my voice was at its best, tho still not the best. Back then I still sounded like a male trying to sound female, or an effeminate gay guy, now even more so. I know this because im not only very conscious of the way I sound, but Ive also been misgendered over the phone post surgery.

Messaged Yeson and they seemed super reluctant to revise the surgery. The main problem I realized is my vocal cords were not shortened by 1/3 as Yeson had promised. I checked with a local ent and he said its only about 20% shorter, which might be the reason for the lack of results.

Now I think about it, I really regret my decision going there. For such a simple technique theres a number of surgeons who perform it for a fraction of the price. So my question is, has anyone had unsatisfactory results from yeson and had undergone a revision there? Or if anyone has had a revision from another surgeon? If you ladies could recommend me a surgeon based on your experience and what the approximate cost is that would be great. Im not at my usual financial level since covid :(
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Re: Yeson voice revision
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2021, 04:03:36 am »
I am so sorry that the results you have are not what you expected. As you know, surgical results can vary for each patient often from the same surgeon using the same technique.

The only thing I can offer is to contact Dr Yeson and make an appointment for a post op exam. Don't talk to the office staff. I have had my own issues with office staff, but when I talked to my doctors directly, we did resolve my issues.

Please tell us what Dr Yeson says after your post op exam.


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