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Re: Ms Maddie's Garden of Changes
« Reply #760 on: September 05, 2021, 10:34:36 am »
Hi, Maddie, GCS really was so freeing. I am happy you have that opportunity.

FFS, I had a lot of work done and I have some bad body image issues. I am insecure about how I look. My face was really bad before FFS and hair transplants. I looked like a Neanderthal (not really). I look much better. I had an image in my mind of how I would look. I did not match that image and I was disappointed. I look good, average. I hoped to look beautiful.

Well, I hear that I am beautiful from guys and my girlfriend. I do not believe it. It feels good when I hear it. Is it reality? IDK, there are different realities. Others reality and mine. Maybe my reality is not allowing me to see me. There are many things that make a person beautiful.

A pretty face does not make a person beautiful. Accept compliments when they are given and do not self speak garbage. Let the beauty shine from within. Regardless of the FFS results be yourself and you will be beautiful.

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Re: Ms Maddie's Garden of Changes
« Reply #761 on: September 17, 2021, 11:00:33 am »
thank you Rachel.  What you say about being myself and I will be beautiful is sticking with me.


I get a little too crazy pruning sometimes.

Electrolgist asked me if she could offer advice, as a friend....I said yes.

She said you are plucking off too much of your eyebrows, and that they do not look good on me. 
I don't want the big bushy eyebrows look, but I will listen and cut back on the cutback.

While we were having this little ❤️ 2 ❤️, I expressed to her that I feel I'm too big to make an attractive woman.  Her and the ladies there are pretty, and smaller, like <5'4".

She said I'm not small...but I'm definitely not too big. 
I think she is honest and aware.

Standing out a little is ok, but I'd hope to fit in the planter and not tower over the other flowers.