Author Topic: A Researcher Is Trying To Settle The Transgender Athlete Debate — Using Science  (Read 672 times)

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A Researcher Is Trying To Settle The Transgender Athlete Debate — Using Science

NPR by Tom Goldman on May 24, 2021

The debate on whether transgender females should be allowed to play women's sports has become increasingly politicized. One transgender athlete and researcher is forging a middle ground with science.

The debate over whether transgender female athletes should be allowed to play girls' and women's sports has exploded this year. More than 30 states have introduced bills that would ban them from participating. The issue is emotionally charged, and it's hard to find a middle ground. But NPR's Tom Goldman reports on a pioneering researcher trying to get there.
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I think this has already been settled in the scientific arena. The “debate” is political in nature.

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I heard this on NPR. While they say bills were introduced in 30 states, I hope they don't pass in all 30. My guess is they won't.

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