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Does anyone know of any researchers looking for transwomen to participate in scientific research to advance knowledge in this field. Science is very important to me and my family. I would love to help scientists develop abmedical test to better diagnose gender dysphoria and those like me that have struggled our whole  lives just trying to feel comfortable in our own bodies. A blood test,
X-ray, or brain scan would have helped me better understand my condition years ago. Since there isn’t one. I am determined to help those in the scientific community develop tests to help many others like me. If anyone knows anyone for me to contact I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much!! Hugs, Rebecca

Not sure I understand. Do you have some skills in this area or are you offering your services as a victim test subject?

University of George did DNA stuff.

I have a medical background. I am looking for an opportunity to participate in studies to help move this field of science forward. I don’t care if it’s paid or not. Just want to help those trying to unravel the mysteries and many unknowns in this field. Hope this clarifies. Hugs, Rebecca


--- Quote from: Rebecca28 on May 25, 2021, 07:49:43 pm ---A blood test, X-ray, or brain scan would have helped me better understand . .
--- End quote ---

        How much so-called "scientific lit" have you already read? ie: Benjamin or Bailey? They still 'aven't figured out "why gay/lesbian" so don't hold out much hope for us either outside of, perhaps, a more "social studies" approuch?

I DO suspect the two (3?) are related though.


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