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This is exactly why I want to participate in some research studies. There is so much in this field unknown. A lot of theories, but many unknowns. I want to be apart of helping unravel some of these mysteries. Hugs, Rebecca

Allie Jayne:
Rebecca, Oxford and Harvard universities have carried out research on dimorphism within brain structure, and quite a few other research facilities. There are papers on line, and I’m confident research is ongoing. There is a brain scan which can confirm the incongruent dimorphism in the Bed Nucleus which was initially discovered in dissected brains. I believe this will be the future diagnosis for gender incongruence.

I have also encountered some researchers who have agendas, so before you offer your services, check them out!




Thanks for your feedback. You bring up a good point about agendas. I just don’t want to sit around with all these unknowns. When I would like to be apart of the solution and support those whose work can be ground breaking in this field. Hugs, Rebecca


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