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Breast Confidence booster


Hi all,

Made what I think is a major milestone

I am coming up to 28 months on hormones and although not had the fantastic breast growth to my expectations I'm pretty sure I have done as well as can be expected

this week has finally been hot in Holland (got burnt already) I was trying some of my summer dresses on (some have shrunk) and noticed that one of them seemed ok bra less

Today I have been for a walk and some food shopping in it and it went well

I was not skipping through the hillside Julie Andrews style and the dress was black and white with broken pattern so hid nipples well and also fabric tight enough to centralise them so not pointing at my elbows

the only sticking point would be I have breasts of an 18 year old on the rib cage of a 50 old and the ratio is wrong (don't suppose ribcage will shrink?)

But overall a good confidence booster


Maid Marion:
Hi Carla,

Good to hear that.

I think most women are more interested in checking out shoes than breasts.



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