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surgery results- 30 days post op- CTA & Glottoplasty

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Hey! I am 30 days post VFS. I’d greatly appreciate any feedback or criticism. I’m kinda tone deaf, so if anyone could identify a similar celeb with my voice I could listen to on YouTube that would be super helpful as well. Oh and preop I was about 135 hertz and post op my talking range is 220 hertz to 280 hertz. In the video clip below I’m at about 250 hertz.  Thank you. :)

Very nice voice. Definitely a female voice.

Who is your surgeon?

Maid Marion:
Yes, definitely sounds female.


Thanks ladies! Appreciate it. Ill pm you who I went to.

Rachel Montgomery:
Sounds like a young woman, probably 15-30 y.o.?


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