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I am almost new to crossdressing, but I like it. My goal is to enjoy the nightlife if it is avaible again. I have some questions.

A short story of my experience up to now: I am part of  group of amateur actors that plays on small stages and in pubs. It is mostly comedy and we sometimes need a female role and so I do the "sacrifice" for my fellows.  ;) I am in the comfortable situation that it is accepted as a part of my role and that everybody knows I am a man and if I cannot cover it perfect nobody cares. Nobody knows how much I like it and that I am not always rehearse if I am dressed up at home. To be honest I prefer to rehearse without costume. So all I do is a bra with socks, a wig, makeup and unisex clothes. Really rare tights and shoes. I have only one pair that is too big and that doesn't work well on stage.

Last weekend I dressed for myself at home, but I was unhappy with my waist. Maybe also with the socks in the bra.

I tried to find shapewear but I don't know how to find the right size.

Height 65 inch, waist/hips/bustline between 29 and 30 inch. How can I translate that when shopping clothes?

What clothes would be a good basic?

And what are the alternatives to socks for boobs? How to start if I am looking for a reasonable compromise between low budget and suitable for the nightlife? I am not sure if socks are okay anyway.

All in all I would like to calculate what the cost and if I would give it a try for that price.

Is there anything else you would consider as a basic for a crossdresser male to female.

How do I react on a doorkeeper asking for my ID? I would prefer if everybody thinks I am a girl. Or is that not possible at all?

Your MartinMonroe

Maid Marion:
Hi MartinMonroe,

65 inches is 5 ft 5 inches, which is very close the average height of a genetic girl or GG (64 in USA)

It sounds like you are a thin rectangle.
If you don't need to show cleavage, you could wear a padded bra.  I have 32A padded bras from VS to go to 32C.
They have sales twice a year--there should be another sale real soon now, as it usually the 2nd week of June.

Showing cleavage can be done with silicone breast forms. The smallest, 250 grams each, and I go from 32A to 32C.
Some bras are designed to hold inserts or forms.  Too much will make you look top heavy.  Adding to the hips  is harder.

I'd suggest trying on Juniors size small.  Perhaps size 3 pants. But, sizing is notoriously inconsistent.
I started out measuring stuff with a tape measure before trying on, so I didn't waste my time with stuff that was really big.  Now I can just eyeball stuff.


Thanks. Are my hips too small?

I found an other shapewear but it says: size XS (34) / waist 66 cm / hips 90 cm. That is still to big for me or?

Maid Marion:
If your hips are just 30 inches XS 34 inches may be too big for you.

Women typically gain weight easily around the hips.  It is common for women to be a little wider around the hips than bust.

There are smaller sizes than XS size 2, but I don't know how many really thin women need shapeware, which is normally designed to pull in the tummy.  I've never needed clothes to do that.


Maybe it is enough if I lose my little covid tummy. Now I noticed that woman sometimes look the same, if they don't wear form-fitting clothes. Maybe a tapered top is enough, but then really the belly/tummy has to disappear too.

Did anyone try to put rice in a thight to fill the bra? I saw that in a video today, but I am not sure if it is for daily use, because that was a transgender with the goal to decide how the boob job's result should look like.


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