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A good basic for a Beginner

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Try a baggie with uncooked rice. It works great and everyone typically has then in their kitchen.

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I don't know. Maybe I worry to much. Because of covid all the shops have the new way of online choosing and paying in the shop. I will do that in the shop that is next to the groceries and then I can try on at home.

I will try rice in baggies, too. The balloons got worn/wrinkled. I wouldn't wear them in public right now. Maybe the  plastic newspaper delivery bags are a better alternative.

I made some photos with an oversized top and a belt around the waist. It looks great.

I don't know what is recommended or welcome in the forum, but I feel like jumping to the next problems like the pop-up by solving previous problems.

I think it is about the face. I like and dislike makeup. It doesn't really feel good on my skin and that is what I dislike. Otherwise there are many choices possible by makeup. Is makeup important to cover some features up? I don't even know what features that are. I know my nose is big and female female noses are often small. But the other things I don't know what is a sign of masculinity.

What are babysteps to leave my house crossdressed and not hide at home for myself? Maybe video chat, did anyone do before?


I participate in a video chat support group. It's nice to connect with people but hard to see what anybody's wearing. It's not like going out.

Like many here, I started going out at night, sometimes walking on neighborhood streets. You can also go for a drive. One of my friends locked her keys in the car while on her second day out and had to call a locksmith. It went fine even in the rural area where she was and perhaps helped her overcome her stage fright.

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