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Voice surgery repost 6 weeks post op disappointed

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I’m officially 6 weeks post op and I’m overall disappointed in my
Pitch increase. It’s a tiny bit higher but I still think it sounds like a male voice when I don’t purposely raise it and just talk normally. Even tho I had the surgery I still don’t know much about the healing process does anyone know if the voice pitch increases over time? :(

Hey Transdoll! I'm sorry, for some reason, I'm not allowed or don't know how to respond to messages. I'm 5 weeks and one-day post-op today, and I feel like my voice is increasing in pitch. Here's me today.

O my god you sound amazing I wish my result sounded like that! Are you raising your pitch at all or just talking normally? I’m so frustrated with my result but my voice trainer is telling me it’s because I have to learn how to speak without holding and straining my voice I don’t think that’s why tho I think it’s because my pitch wasn’t elevated enough :( are able to hit high notes or can you not do high notes yet because I heard others saying they lost their high pitch at first. Also it’s interesting how you say you don’t want to push or over use your voice right now which makes complete sense because everyone seems to do voice rest after surgery however my surgery keeps telling me I need to USE my voice right now so I can get used to the high pitch or whatever? Lol the voice procedure is so confusing but basically I’m being told to use my voice and exercise it as much as possible which is totally different from every other surgeons rules it seems. I do notice tho that when I do voice exercises my pitch does increase normally. Maybe he did my surgery a different way I don’t know

Thanks girly. I’m not sure tbh. I feel like I’m talking where it’s comfortable and it might be slightly placed. I can talk a smidge lower but I honestly can’t feel the difference in my throat. Talking slightly higher and talking lower both are easy to do at this point. So I’m not sure which which range I’m supposed to pick? So I’m just going to go with the higher pitched voice. I do feel like sometimes I sound a little unnatural but I suspect as I heal that’ll it’ll sound more natural. I’m sorry you aren’t hearing the results you want yet. :( Luckily we are both still early in the healing progress and I have hope we will both continue to heal great.

Do you know what your HZ pitch level is or whatever mine is around 170 HZ which is female range but it’s still on the lower end which is annoying I wanna sound more cute and high pitched like yours lol. You are right we are still early in healing so I still have some hope. If your surgeon told you to voice rest then I would for sure listen to him however my surgeon told me to do the voice exercises and stuff so I’m gonna start doing them more to see if that helps. My question for you is when we’re you allowed to start talking? I was allowed after two weeks and it sounded like a whisper at first I can talk pretty normal now although it does sound like I’m sick sometimes and even someone yesterday asked if I had laryngitis lol. As far as my pitch I feel like it’s going up and down up and down every few days. Have you noticed a pitch increase during your healing so far?


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