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Have you eaten “unusual animals” (e.g., snakes) or roadkill?

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--- Quote from: Tess100 on September 01, 2021, 11:31:57 pm ---I didn't care fore either one.  If you have ever eaten beef liver, both tasted like a very fishy piece of liver.

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Lady Sarah:
I was always told "at least try it. If you try it and still don't like it, we'll try again later". As an adult, I was introduced to even more exotic foods than when I was as a child. Living in the wilderness, I shot and killed much of my own food. I still catch a rattlesnake on the rare occasion, and have a tool especially designed for that purpose. It's hard to catch enough crawdads to cook the way I want them done. Everybody else puts in so much hot spices, you can't taste the meat.

When the weather cools off some, hubby and I plan to do a little fishing, and see if we might find any good crawdad spots. Now that my mother has passed away (almost a month now) I am no longer tied down to the house taking care of her 24/7.

You can catch crawdads inside their holes.  There are online videos that show how that is done.

Depending on your level of imagination, crawdads or crawfish or mudbugs appear to resemble somewhat lobsters and even scorpions.

I am not a big fan of really spicy foods but I guess what is “spicy” to some is not spicy to others.

I might try some snake some day.



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