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Teaching myself to do upholstery

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As I can afford to pay someone to make the seat covers and recover front (Golf GTI) seats in my VW panel van/camper I have bought a sewing machine. My mum and her mum sewed on hand powered Singer machines , thinking about it Gran had a treadle one and I did have a go in my early teens . Back to the point, have some foam for bed/seat so to make the removable covers slide on easy first making calico covers. Have removed the old material from the old seat cushions and started to sew it together to make large enough panels , the bottom sections will be rubberised curtain lining material found in a charity shop that will stop damp and make it anti slip.
Next mission is cutting out the leather to make front seat covers from the old seat cover dissembled into sections and making piping , the used machine I bought does have a piping foot.   

There's no better feeling than learning and doing something which other people say you're not qualified enough to do.

I've picked up so many skills over the years, when I look around I mostly see people who are only good at one thing, and won't try anything else because "i'm not trained for that", I just can't understand that mentality.

Maid Marion:
All the females on my mother's side did their own sewing.  My aunt sewed for a living.
I have a couple of sewing machines.  I'm short, so I often need to change the hemlines. 
Though recent styles like crop tops can fit really well with high waisted pants.  8)

I  just bought a chop saw to customize golf clubs with flexible graphite shafts.  I bought used ladies clubs and found they are too long and heavy. My hands hurt when I try to make long drives.  The modified clubs are much easier to control.

The great thing about golf is that a smart player can hide their weaknesses with proper strategy and practice.
I'll never be able to hit the ball very far, but if I plan on taking an extra shot and avoid the hazards it is likely that I'll be able to play as well as the average player.  Maybe better since I've always been great at reading greens and putting the ball.


Interesting thread, thanks for starting it.  I am getting ready to buy a sewing machine for a similar project(on my list of things to do today).  I learned to sew in 4-H when I was a child.  There are lots of great tutorials on various upholstery techniques on the Sailrite web site. 

This is the seat back, last one I made and the corners are much better . Imgur takes for ever to load so not bothered with the others. Starting to make the leather covers for front seats tomorrow , have cut the sections out ready .


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