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Still relatively new here and I so appreciate hearing all of your guidance. I cannot talk with anyone in my world about what’s going on with my 10 week hormone journey, so this outlet is wonderful

I couldn’t find too much about this, but wanted to share and pick your brains about something.

So now that hot weather is here in the northeast, when I am playing golf, or doing some yard work or even a basic activity, when I sweat, it is amazing how hard my nipples get and how prominent they become. And, when going into a colder room ~ WOW

Obviously I have noticed women dealing with this for years, but actually going through it myself is a totally different and eye opening story. In fact, my nipples stay hard longer and almost get sore. A little concerning because it is so early, but I am now wearing darker shirts, or shirts with patters or stripes when doing activities.

I have to believe others have experienced the same thing and I would welcome any tips or suggestions.

Thanks for listening and being part of this amazing group!

Northern Star Girl:

If you are out and about presenting as a woman, then a soft lightly padded sports bra will help to disguise the "high-beams"

Even before I went full time and had some small breast development, nipples were a problem when I would run or jog doing my normal charity runs and marathon events. It was a somewhat common event among males that they could irritate their man nipples to the point of bleeding.

Another member here  @RandiL in their reply comment on my thread
mentioned irritation and chafing when running or jogging.
             The Ramblings of a Northern*Star Girl,250548.msg2422519.html#msg2422519

Even back when I was presenting as a male well before I went full time female I would wear a snug fitting racer back tank top, they do make them for male athletes.  Some males that i jogged and ran with sometimes went to the extreme of putting band-aids over their nipples to protect them.
Now that I have been full time female for 4 years, the sports bra does help eliminate the nipple irritation and also the high-beam display... especially when being involved in very active sports.

If you are out and about  presenting as a male then "layer up" with loose fitting shirts...   also shirts with vest pockets do a great job of not only hiding the nipple pokies but also developing breasts.
Hot weather will not be your friend with those extra layers.

I am aware that you are only 2 months into HRT so I think my suggestions above may work for you.

In several months when your breast development is well into a B or C cup then you will definitely need a firm sports bra and loose fitting tops to be able to be presenting as male.

You mentioned cold weather... yes indeed, when it does get "nippy" outside the pokies will be evident.

Trial and error... every body and every situation can be unique.

HUGS and best wishes....

Northern Star Girl:
Further to my previous posting regarding Sports Bras... you might want to go to this location in my Blog thread where I talked about various bra styles and choices.

Any questions please ask...
              The Ramblings of a Northern*Star Girl,250548.msg2422499.html#msg2422499

     This Sports Bra pictured below does not have individually molded cups, and it is a very
soft cotton, fairly thin material... it is neutral color that won't show through easily. 
I like it because it is so comfortable to wear every day but it is a "low-support" bra
that is best for less "active" events.
This would be a good style of Sports Bra for the early transitioning
MTF that is still in male-mode at work or elsewhere.... 
It will help to minimize the appearance of developing breasts when
a loose fitting shirt is worn over it.

Yes - I went through this during my first months of HRT playing tennis and golf in the humid mid-Atlantic region of the US...

If you're still in male mode, I found that the best top combo is (1) a baggy polo shirt, preferably with thicker fabric (2) with a t-shirt underneath and then (3) a sports bra underneath that, but without the pads. The problem with pads is that they do give you a little roundness, but in male mode you want flatness.

For sports bra styles, I prefer the traditional "tank" straps, not the racerback straps like in the photo Danielle showed, because it is possible someone will see the racerback strap around your shoulder blade if you're wearing baggy shirts.

If you have three layers of fabric between you and your skin and the sports bra is smooshing your boobs, it is highly unlikely the nipples are going to show.


I wear a sports bra daily, and still present male. Deciding what to wear when playing golf usually requires an unpadded sport bra and a tank top or something, then a golf shirt. Yeah, its hot as heck but it works for me. (Or at least I think it does)


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