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What kind of exercises can I do to get rid of my belly fat? I look like I’m pregnant.

Without looking at your specific situation, I can offer a few suggestions.

1. Lose more weight. I am a 100+ pound loser. I needed to lose the extra fat in order to be eligible for GCS. I lost my extra poundage by eating a diet mainly of vegetables and quantities appropriate for my weight loss.

2. Exercise. Aerobic if possible. I still do low impact aerobic exercises. Also any exercise that focuses on the waist, such as abdominal crunches and waist twisters.

3. Surgical. Liposuction and tummy tuck. Get a consult with a qualitied plastic surgeon.

I have done all three of these as I felt I needed at any given time. You must evaluate your own situation.

Good luck, try hard and take care.  :-*


 I lost a lot of weight. I am an alcoholic and had a horrible diet. I had to change my ways and I lost a lot of weight and am alcohol free 24 years in September. I had very bad diabetes type II. I am diabetes free as well. How I lost the weight back then was due to serious health issues.

When I was to have GCS I was 220 pounds and Dr. McGinn told me I was a 26 BMI but she wanted me to lose 40 pounds. I had tummy fat. Well I restricted carbs and lost the weight. I gained weight post GCS, not exercising and eating more calories as instructed cause a weight gain.

I eat Keto now and I weigh 170 pounds. I am 6'2 inches and I have very little body fat. I can see the veins on my tummy. I ate lunch and an hour later my blood sugar was 95. My HDL is 80. LDL and very dense LDL is in recommended limits.

I go to the gym and lift weights 3 times a week. I love the gym. I am regaining muscle lost during covid.

So I count my net carbs and keep it below 60 per day. I eat arugula, berries and strawberries every day. I love jalapenos and eat them every day, cooked and with cheese melted. I eat a lot of fat some protein and veggies.

I had a procedure to add fat to my vaginal area by Dr. McGinn. She said I will take some fat from your thigh and transplant it. She had to get the fat from both of my inner thighs and the entire thigh area. When I saw her for the post op check up she said I have very little fat in my thighs and it was tough to get enough fat.

I also only eat from noon to 6 PM. Lunch and a small snack for dinner such as cheese and a keto mix or Keto crackers.  I had cheese, strawberries and keto mix and keto crackers for dinner tonight.

It's really quite simple, forget the fad diets and special expensive foods.

Just exercise more and eat less.

Cut out the snacks, remove them completely, eating decent meals is important, if you don't eat enough at meal times, you just end up snacking more.

1 week of eating slightly less calories than you burn, makes a huge difference, but the challenge is to make lifestyle changes to maintain it.

Maid Marion:
Get a kitchen scale and measure out what you eat.
Cook single portions of foods  to cut down on overeating.

Eat slowly.  It is OK to eat while cooking because it slows down the eating process.
If you eat slowly your brain gets the message that you don't need to eat more in time to process that information.

Cooking small portions allows me to affordably eat normally expensive foods like nice cuts of  steak.



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